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Client side validation is performed by a web browser, before input is sent to a web server.WML provides various options to let a user enter information through WAP application.

Input controls can also make use of the format attribute to ensure entry of only numerical, upper case, lower case, or a limited number of characters.

In addition, the information must be accessible from a wide range of devices, such as cell phones, Blackberry units, and i PAQs.

Each of these devices has its own proprietary hardware and software applications protocols.

s worked But I need to send this Parameter through HTTP post for get the right answer. This is the code that I used , Set Send Doc = server.createobject("Microsoft.

When I omit the Parameter Request from xml String, it? Load XML(xml String) url = https://test site.com/check ID Set poster = Server. Server XMLHTTP.6.0") "POST", url, false Request Header "CONTENT_TYPE", "text/xml" Send Doc Set doc Received = server.createobject("Microsoft.

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