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Synopsis: A young woman suddenly finds herself entrapped in an inescapeable suit with special features. She has to endure it for over a year, but finally it comes to a good end.The Suit By: [email protected](Don Quixote) WARNING -WARNING This text contains material of an explicit and adult nature.

(This feature is available only for registered users). Here you'll find the current and all past prices of all 4689 available Coins.Search for a Coin, Currency or Commodity or select from the Dropdown List to see all prices.The response was actually directed to a third person involved in this discussion. I told her to seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil and to not allow Shaitan to get between us first, and then I explained how what she said wasn’t my intention and didn’t even cross my mind- and Allah is my Witness. I didn’t even hear what she said about her opinion, besides my own response was to that third person, not a comment on what she said in any way shape or form. How many times shaitan whispers in our hearts and minds matters that are not true and not real in order to create animosity and discord between us.It was mainly a response to that person in question. I immediately remembered this verse: “And tell My servants to say that which is best. Indeed Satan is ever, to mankind, a clear enemy.” (Qur’an 17: 53) Allah Almighty in His infinite Knowledge told us to pay attention to how Satan could manipulate our perception of words and events in order to create dissension among people– just like he is an enemy to us, he wants us to be enemies to one another.

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