Sarah silverman dating kyle dunnigan

Well, how about his recurring role as the (sort-of spoiler alert) serial killer Craig on “Reno 911”? He’s also got a hush-hush new show that he is developing for Nickelodeon, and he does stand-up, so check out his website (

Like I said, he’s on the cusp of breaking out — in a year or so, you will go back and say, “Hey, I’ll be damned! Lastly, and perhaps most relevant to NMR, he’s gone viral numerous times with his character-driven You Tube bits.

He didn’t mention it, I didn’t ask about it, but it is there because I saw it when he was initially adjusting his camera for our interview.

If that were it, that would be enough to make the comedian/writer/actor cooler than you — but then throw into the mix that he hosts a podcast with Tig Notaro, writes on the new Amy Schumer series (“Inside Amy Schumer”) and is dating the hilarious and hot Sarah Silverman, and suddenly you begin to realize that basketball hoop is somehow a magnet for beautiful, funny chicks.

She was most recently connected to comedian Kyle Dunnigan, but the pair parted ways in December 2013.

Kyle Dunnigan has a basketball hoop mounted to the living room wall of his house.

Or it might be that sly Kyle Dunnigan is on the cusp of becoming a household name.

After showing a clip from her red carpet interview with Giuliana Rancic, Kimmel asked why she would reveal the contents of her purse on national TV. cameras didn't get a glimpse of, watch the funny video now!

Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman confirmed their romance over the weekend, when they showed PDA while strolling around LA.

Rumors about the pair's new relationship first popped up earlier this month, when Sarah was spotted at the Masters of Sex star's 45th birthday party in Hollywood on Feb. Sarah joined the A-list guest list, which included Kate Hudson and Michael's ex Kate Beckinsale, and reportedly helped Michael drive all his gifts home.

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