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Final Fantasy XIV features a comprehensive character creation system which allows players to customize their avatars.

I would like to think there could never be parents this horrid, however sadly I've seen and read enough "True crime" to know this isn't the case.See full summary » After a shark attack leads to Cleo and Puffer's eight-legged octopus friend Ollie getting lost in the ocean, a fun-loving manta ray named Crash helps them search the sea to find their lost ... Why I would put this at a 4 as a film is because of the sadism towards the child that makes for uncomfortable viewing; but it could just be me.See full summary » "Barbarians" is a teenage drama about coming of age in a world where there is no opportunity. I've never been one for the "torture" style form of horror that seem to be so popular like in the "Saw" series or the "Hostel" series.In Japan, it was released as the Islands Await You · Alolan Moonlight subsets that make up the second expansion block in the Pokémon Card Game Sun & Moon Era.It is based on Pokémon Sun and Moon, featuring Generation VII and the first two guardian deities, Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele.

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