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The international terms "Albania" and "Albanian" are based on the root *alb- , *arb- , which also is the source of the word Arberesh , which is used to describe the Italo-Albanians of southern Italy.That root also appears as *lab- in Labëria , referring to the southern Albanian region from Vlorë southward to the Greek border, and *rab- in early Slavic, as in raban , rabanski ("Albanian").All Albanians north of the Shkumbin, along with the Albanians of Montenegro, Kosovo, and most of Macedonia (FYROM), speak Gheg dialects with their characteristic nasalization.All Albanians south of the Shkumbin, including the Albanians of Greece, southwestern Macedonia, and southern Italy, speak Tosk dialects with their characteristic rhotacism.Take this opportunity to enjoy a Messianic singles membership where you meet Messianic Jewish Singles and Believers from around the world.Put your profile on display so others may contact you.

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Messianic Connections has thousands of Messianic Jewish singles and Christian singles who are believers in Yeshua, the Messiah, and who are interested in Messianic Judaism and YHWH.

Messianic Jews and Christians alike come to this site to find love, romance and friendships with like-minded singles.

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